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Lock out Tag out : Confined Space : Hot Work on-going regulatory compliance with technology

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The technology is a leading indicator for meeting legal requirements for occupational safety. It is covered by US Patent 6994258. Although there are legal requirements for lock out Tag out, Confined Space and Hot Work, to protect employees – lives continue to be lost and citations issued. This means that the management of the laws is not effectively controlled at all times, either through lack of training or all the requirements are not known. Safety In Your Hand’s technology ensures the law is always followed specific to the user and at the time activities are conducted. Lock out tag out, confined space and hot work can be executed simultaneously on a single work order.

Lock Out Tag Out

US Pat 6994258
  • Initial Training with records for applicable hazardous energy sources,the type and magnitude of the energy available at the asset
  • Identifies one or more methods and means necessary for energy isolation and control
  • Each equipment control procedure with programmed annual review per each authorized employee with auto-records of person and date
  • Supports tag out only application
  • Retraining auto-directed when there are changes
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Confined Space

Several control techniques are employed included but not limited to
  • Checklist of managed hazards
  • Gas meter calibration verification
  • Attendant Change records
  • Out of range gas alarm for egress
  • Gas reading time alarm and record
  • Record of personnel number of entries and times
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Hot Work

“The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) has investigated too many incidents involving hot work – my thoughts go out to the workers and their families affected by this tragedy” said Chairperson Vanessa Allen Sutherland.

“In an effort to warn of the dangers of hot work the CSB has issued a wide range of material regarding the dangers of hot work including safety videos, safety bulletin, and accident investigations.

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