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Welcome To Safety In Your Hand

How Does It Work?

Annual deaths from confined space amount to the thousands. In many cases the extent of training may be questionable, because if the requirements are followed it is unlikely that the deaths will follow. Therefore there is a need to be assured the legal requirements are followed and non erasable records to prove same.

Why Become a Safety In Your Hand Affiliate?

Becoming an Affiliate is really a no-brainer! The only thing you really have to do is fill out a brief sign up form which takes 2 minutes and then you simply add the SHECA logo to your site. If you are in the Safety business such as consulting, training or retailing safety suppliers, our products fall right in line with what you already do, so you are guaranteed to have success with our program, simply by adding our logo to your site.

Affiliate Agreement

You don’t have to carry any stock, pay fees or have any financial investment, in order to
gain financially from our program.