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The cloud technology facilitates the legal requirements as a plan for a specific company including scheduling a delivery date. The specifics are down loaded to the iPad native app. Safety In Your Hand, Inc is a company committed to actualizing and operational regulatory requirements within industry through the use of technology for enhanced control. The technology follows each step of the law. Mostly the legal requirements are carried out by paper – the technology provides an alternative format.

Main Features

  • No Access to execute work unless trained
  • Management of Change
  • Work order integrated

Lock Out Tag Out

Lock out/Tag out has remained in the top 10 list of OSHA Citations over the past twenty years. Most of the citations are not deliberate but due to a lack of execution, training, annual retraining, annual review of procedures for each lock out tag out, availability of procedures at the point of use.

Lock out/Tag out requires an annual review for each procedure by an authorized employee for that procedure as stated by 1910.147(c)6I. Safety in Your hand triggers an email one month prior to the due date and the final date to alert the assigned manager. 1910.147(c)7IIiA requires retraining to the procedure if a change is required because of the review. If a change is made - unless the authorized employees are retrained, they will have no access to the change or old procedure unless re-trained.

Confined Space

Annual deaths from confined space amount to the thousands. In many cases the extent of training may be questionable, because if the requirements are followed it is unlikely that the deaths will follow. Therefore there is a need to be assured the legal requirements are followed and non erasable records to prove same.

Therefore an iPad directing control with the legal requirements ensures the required conditions are adhered to. Several control techniques are employed included but not limited to:

  • SCBA equipment
  • Incident commander with rescue teams
  • Personnel gas meters with alarms
  • Training

Yet, incidents result in death.

Control over the process with appropriate records for each permit are as follows

  • Controlled entry time
  • A pre-approved hazard checklist for the asset
  • A Hazard checklist with abort capability if hazard management not met to be signed off by each entrant and attendant
  • Time spent in the confined space per each entry
  • The number of times the entry was made
  • Control over the entry of trained personnel
  • Validation of the time taken by contractors over the permit period
  • The Confined Space app can be linked to work orders / corrective actions or integrated with lock out tag out and/or hot work.

Hot Work

Safety in Your Hand system allows for bar code scans. These enable the requirements at the point of use to be determined. It would inform that a permit is required, because the the bar code tag with enable pre-work and job hazard analysis information for the asset when the iPad scans it. Moreover the access will be only trained personnel and permit set and accessed by the predetermined time. A firewatch associated with the bar code will ensure any potential fires are extinguished over the firewatch period before the work order is closed.