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No More Paper Shuffling

Work orders are integrated with safety regulations of lockout/tagout, hot work and confined space into one seamless workflow

Designed to performed any or all the above regulations coupled to the corrective action. Typically, delivering the permit is a two step process of preparing the permit from a database. With SHECA, it is a one step process with only the scheduled date is required – prior to download to iPad or iPad Mini. When the data is downloaded an assigned and affixed bar code to a specific asset, is scanned to make the information available.


Discover the Attendant Dashboard

Powerful way to manage your confined space entry and STEL exposure time

Manual or continuous gas detection reading (with RAE Systems) facilitates real time reading on the Attendant iPad dashboard. The attendant now has management information of entry / egress on the iPad, alarm if manual reading, alarm at iPad if readings to high. rest time and number of worker entries.


Minimize Violations

Assures workers are compliant throughout the confined space process

The technology follow the regulations, so that employees are never out of compliance and provide records to prove it. These records are required by law and are automatically uploaded in real time and no need to need for completion review


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We are committed to providing innovative solutions for maintaining ongoing regulatory compliance.